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De viatge amb el Rock

Nominated together with Stay Homas in the music awards in Catalonia during 2020, as the most innovative artistic project carried out in confinement and/or adapted to the new normal situation

Musical and visual show that allows you to enjoy the best versions of rock from the chair, a format where the visuals share prominence with the music by means of a large HD LED screen.

From the entire repertoire of The Pink Goats, the most emblematic rock songs have been selected and adapted to be presented with the usual essence of the group but allowing the viewer to enjoy all the nuances and details of these great songs from his chair

Versions per Xics

Musical show aimed at family audiences. By means of a theatrical staging, a review is made of the main songs currently heard by boys and girls and the family audience in general.

THE REUNION The surprise that old classmates receive when they see each other again makes them relive the moments they spent with the music and the songs that accompanied them during their time at school.

Adapted to carry out in the so-called “new normal”.

Disco per Xics

Disco per Xics is a show created to be a great family party, where music, dance and theater are mixed. Specially designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Large-format assembly where you interact with the public through new technologies, LED screens, audiovisual cameras and effects machines.

A Tentipoteni

New dramaturgies that will help us reflect with visual theater and objects, plastic arts and live music.

An assembly created by an artistic team led by Fadunito and a technical team led by Oa2 Produccions, which invites us to reflect on how the excessive use of plastic ends up damaging every corner of the planet we inhabit, especially the seas and oceans.

A tentipotenti is a large-format Street Arts production, where hybrid scenes and new dramaturgies will be worked on, as we will see visual theater and objects, masks, plastic arts and live music with classical music instruments
that will perform some of the well-known film soundtracks. There will be a total of 17 people on stage between musicians and actors.